The BRUBECK RANGER collection is designed for people working in forestry, hunters, and military personnel. It is made of double-layer, breathable knitted fabric and has highly effective moisture management properties. The perfect combination of quality fibers and knitting technology makes the clothing flexible and allows unrestricted movements. This exclusive fabric prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria and ensures long-lasting freshness even during the most intense activities.

People working outside might be continuously exposed to changing temperatures and moisture. Our thermoactive base layers can handle all these challenges. The lightweight, high-performance apparel keeps you warm, dry, and prevents overheating so you can stay focused on your activity.



Within the RANGER collection, we have three different lines of products:

  • BRUBECK PROTECT – recommended for warm weather for an extra dry feeling and freshness.
  • RANGER THERMO – designed for cold conditions, keeps you dry and warm.
  • RANGER WOOL – provides extreme protection against cold with premium antiallergenic merino fiber.

RANGER garments can be washed at 40 degrees Celsius except RANGER WOOL, for which the recommended washing temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.


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