BRUBECK high-tech base layers

For industry, energy sector, mining, utilities, construction, logistics, public services, professional motorsports, military, safety, forestry, hunting.

BRUBECK is a rising brand on the thermoactive wear market. Our factory, FILATI is among the world leaders in innovative knitting technologies for functional seamless base layer garments. The production facility is located in Zdunska Wola, Poland. All production takes place in this factory, nothing is outsourced to Far East. The company has been engineering, designing and manufacturing high-tech functional thermoactive sports, outdoor apparel, technical and comfort base layer and seamless underwear since 2005.
Our PROTECT line is designed for people working in specific hard and hazardous environment. Our clients range from army, energy sector, different branches of industry, police and special forces.
The factory operates in accordance with the strict environmental rules and conforms with international standards:
STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® , ISO 9001:2015, AQAP 2110:2016

Our technology

Our modern technology guarantees high quality and maximum comfort in our clothing, which feels like a second skin. Our fiber and yarn suppliers are well-known, leading producers in the textile industry. We have a dedicated technology staff that searches for and tests the latest solutions, selects the proper combination of materials and designs our products.

BRUBECK manufactures the lightest range of flame-resistant and extremely breathable base layer garments on the market. Our certified workwear provides ultimate protection without compromising on thermal comfort and hygiene. Since the beginning, we have been committed to continuously developing our products, processes, and technology in order to produce the best quality clothing for our customers.

We use high-tech Italian machines to make double-layered, seamless knitwear.

We use

– Modern machinery
– Patented production processes
– The highest quality raw materials available on the market
– The latest results of scientific research
– Own produced technical yarns


– Effective cold protection, body insulation or effective cooling
– Protection against overheating or heat loss
– Heat exchange regulation between the body and the environment
– Excellent ventilation, multiple ventilation zones
– Transfer of moisture from the skin to the outside
– Hydrophobic outside that does not draw moisture from the environment
– Quick-drying
– Non-allergenic products
– No irritation even during heavy sweating and no skin contact with elastane
– Bacteriostatic properties of our apparel ensure perfect odour control
– Elasticity, durability, easy of handling, lightweight
– Designed for intense physical work
– Pill and wear-resistant
– Protection against abrasion
– Exceptional wearing comfort, softness and gentleness

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At FILATI, we manufacture workwear with the same attention and care as our premium sportswear. We believe that people working in harsh conditions deserve the best quality clothing. The health, safety, comfort, and wellness of workers have a great impact on performance, efficiency, and results.


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